Choosing a target journal for your research article: UK EQUATOR Centre Lightning Workshop

Join this free one-hour practical, interactive workshop from the UK EQUATOR Centre. In our Lightning Workshops series, our methodology, writing, and communication experts cover all of the essential aspects of writing and publishing your academic research. These sessions are designed for early-career biomedical and clinical researchers.

Your choice of journal can affect how quickly your research is published, who reads it, how easily it is found, and how much it is trusted. Learn how to choose the perfect home for your research article from the thousands of journals available!

Ruth Tunn is a Research Fellow conducting methodology research at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine and the Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit. She is working on an update to the CONSORT 2010 and SPIRIT 2013 reporting guidelines for randomised controlled trials and their protocols. She has a passion for reducing research waste by supporting clear, complete, and transparent trial reporting.

This free workshop is open to University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes staff and students, but we do ask you to book a spot. To hear about other EQUATOR courses in Oxford, please join our mailing list by sending a blank email to