Beyond academia: Adventures in Therapeutics Venture Capital

We are pleased to invite you to another talk aimed at bridging the gap between industry and academia. Next week, Dr. Tim Funnell will be meeting the Oxford Pharmacology Society to discuss his experiences in Biotech Venture Capital and the commercial applications of pharmacological and life sciences training.

Dr. Tim Funnell finished his DPhil in Pharmacology in 2011, and rather than pursue a career in academia, joined the Boston Consulting Group where he worked for a range of big Pharma, Healthcare and Government agencies. Using this background of both academic science and business training, Tim was recruited as one of the early employees into the Wellcome Trust’s venture investing arm, Syncona, where his role was to conduct scientific and commercial ‘diligence’ on prospective new spin-out companies. Tim was deeply involved with the launch of Autolus Ltd, a CAR-T cell company which spun out of UCL, and Gyroscope Therapeutics, an AAV gene therapy company. He then returned to Oxford as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Oxford Venture Investor, Oxford Science Innovations. Tim has recently launched a new Oxford Spin-out company called MiroBio and is working with the Founding academics to develop the underlying technology.