HPV and Human Cancer: A prevention success and a therapeutic opportunity
Despite the extraordinary effectiveness of the current HPV VLP based vaccines in prevention they have no therapeutic value. Individuals already infected by a cancer associated HPV type are still at risk fro developing cancer. Dr Howley’s lab has been studying the pathway by which HPV targets p53 proteolysis with the goal of uncovering a therapeutic strategy.
Date: 17 October 2017, 13:00 (Tuesday, 2nd week, Michaelmas 2017)
Venue: NDM Building, Headington OX3 7FZ
Venue Details: Basement seminar room, TDI
Speaker: Peter Howley (Harvard)
Organising department: Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Oxford Branch
Organiser: Christina Woodward (Oxford Ludwig Institute, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford)
Organiser contact email address: christina.woodward@ludwig.ox.ac.uk
Host: Prof Xin Lu (Ludwig Cancer Research, Oxford Branch)
Part of: Ludwig Institute Seminar Series
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Audience: Members of the University only
Editor: Christina Woodward