PsyNAppS Symposium: Human Advancement in the 21st Century

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We are bringing together speakers from Oxford to talk about human advancement in the 21st century.

PANEL I: Frenzied Fractions? The effects of groups on causing & responding to terrorism and violence
3 PM – 4:30 PM

> Prof. Mark Levine, “Groups, Violence and the Psychology of Self-Policing”
> Dr Chris Cocking, “Crowd Behaviour”
> Dr Mark Burgess, “The Terrorist Self”

PANEL I: Cognitive Enhancement
4:45 PM – 7 PM

> Prof. Roi Cohen Kadosh, “Cognitive Enhancement through brain training and stimulation”
> Dr Lennart Verhagen, “The uniqueness of the human brain”
> Dr Jacqueline Scholl, “The inlfuence of medication on brain and emotion”
> Dr Joao Fabiano, “Neuroethics and Philosophy”


Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Come along, enjoy the talks and discuss with us what we, humans, have already achieved and which questions still remain to be answered!