Conference - Conversation with the Diaspora: The Future of South Sudan

The following themes are central to the title of the Conference:
1. The New State: what went wrong and why?
2. The Political Future of South Sudan
3. Future Relations between Republic of Sudan and Republic of South Sudan
4. Reform of the State
5. What would it take for the Southern Sudanese in the Diaspora to return home?
6. Management of the Economy
7. Accountability
8. Land and People
9. Education and Skills
10. Cultural Development
11. Peace and Community Cohesion
12. Youth and Women

Andrew Kuong, Elhag Paul, Okuc Peter Awol, Golda Abbe, Federico Vuni (Chair, Equatorian Community Organization, UK), Hakim Dario (Chair, People’s Democratic Movement), Karlo Adyejak, Mawan Muorta