Tropical Medicine Day

Tropical Medicine: “Be(a)ware of shape shifters”, Dr David Eyre, Dr Nicola Jones and Dr Hanif Esmail —
Chair: Prof Chris O’Callaghan

You are all welcome to join for the Tropical Medicine and Global Health Day lecture programme which will start straight after grand round in Lecture Theatre 2. We are delighted to have 3 external speakers (Prof Chris Dye, Dr Jake Dunning and Dr Pippa Pett) and 2 internal speakers (Prof Sarah Rowland-Jones and Prof Susie Dunachie) providing a wide range of talks.

Chris Dye is a visiting fellow at All Souls College and a Fellow of the Royal Society. Between 2014 and 2018 he was Director of Strategy at the World Health Organization serving as scientific adviser to the Director General. He was also the 35th Professor of Physic at Gresham College a post dedicated to giving public lectures. He will provide the keynote talk on “Public Health from AIDS to Zika” 14.10-14.50

Sarah Rowland-Jones is a Professor in the Nuffield Department of Medicine focusing on HIV research and recently has been elected as President of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine. She will talk on “Tropical Medicine – Past, Present, Future” 14.50-15.15

Susie Dunachie is an Associate Professor in the Nuffield Department of Medicine focusing on research into melioidosis and other intracellular pathogens and will talk on “The interaction of Diabetes and Global Infection” 15.15-15.40

Jake Dunning is Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Virology for the National Infection Service, Public Health England, focusing on response to High Consequence Infectious Diseases such as Ebola, MERS, Pandemic Flu and Monkey Pox. He is also an Infectious Diseases consultant at the Royal Free Hospital which houses the main High Security ID Unit for the UK. He will talk on “Tackling Emerging Threats at Home and Away” 15.50-16.15

Pippa Pett is a Junior Doctor at St Thomas’s Hospital who has recently returned from MSF placements in South Sudan and Syria and will discuss her very varied experiences in a talk entitled “Humanitarian Aid in a Shifting Geopolitical Climate” 16.15-16.40