*Postponed* Registries and Randomized Research for Continuous Improvement of Healthcare

Due to the coronavirus situation his lecture has been postponed. Details of new dates will be given when known

Cochrane Lecture 2020: Registries and Randomized Research for continuous improvement of healthcare – experiences and new opportunities.

The lecture will describe the last 20 years development of the Swedish Cardiovascular Registries with their focus on improvement of quality of care based on continuous registration of all patients and on-line feedback including comparisons over time and with other centers on processes of care and outcomes. There will be a review of the last 10 years experiences of integration of registry-based prospective randomized trials as part of the system and how the results of these trials immediately impact health care delivery. The current development of internationalization of these systems to other countries and other health care systems within the EuroHeart system will be described. Finally the lecture will present the new opportunities where the general digitalization of all health care deliver might allow the integration of all these activities within the same electronic system and potentially allow new statistical approaches including artificial intelligence to better understand how to further improve health care delivery.

About the speaker:
Lars Wallentin became the first Professor of Cardiology at Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden in 1991 and was Head of the Department of Cardiology from 1991 to 1999. In 1992 he started and became the first chairman of the Swedish Registry of Acute Cardiac Care (RIK-HIA) which pioneered internet-based quality development of cardiovascular care which later was developed into the SWEDEHEART quality registry system. In 2001, he founded the Uppsala Clinical Research Center and was its first Director until 2008. Over the last 25 years he has been the chairman and principal investigator of many national and international clinical trials. The group of Professor Wallentin has developed many new concepts concerning pathogenesis, diagnosis, risk stratification, antithrombotic and interventional treatments in acute coronary artery disease and stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation where they have pioneered the use of molecular biomarkers for prognostication and decision support. During the recent years he has been involved in the development of the registry based randomized clinical trials. He is now co-chairing the EuroHeart registry program aiming to establish continuous cardiovascular on-line registries in other European countries.
Professor Wallentin has published more than 700 papers in peer-reviewed international
Journals. He was the President of the Swedish Cardiac Society, and from 2000 to 2002, he founded and served as President of the Swedish Heart Association. He has also received several prestigious research awards and was in 2010 honored with the European Society of Cardiology Gold Medal for his outstanding contributions to the science and practice of cardiology.
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