"To defer or not defer? UK state pension and work decisions in a lifecycle model" and "Post retirement labour supply in England"

Abstract (Post retirement labour supply in England):

This paper uses data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing to investigate the determinants of post retirement labour supply behaviour amongst retired men in England. I find the hazard of unretirement is highest when an individual is in their mid-late 60s. Evidence suggests unretirement is more likely amongst individuals with a higher level of educational attainment, who have a spouse in the labour market and are in better health. I investigate the nature of unretirement jobs and find they tend to be part time and provide a non-trivial source of income.

Abstract (To defer or not defer? UK state pension and work decisions in a lifecycle model)

The UK state pension (which depends only on age) includes an option to defer take up which yields either a subsequent lump sum or higher weekly pension. We analyse the joint decisions on pension deferral and intertemporal labour supply/participation in a lifecycle setting. We show that deferral is purely a financial decision, but the impact of deferral on work decisions depends on preferences, wage rates, non-labour income and initial wealth. To exactly characterize this, we use a quasilinear utility function and provide calibrated simulations.We also discuss the choice between a lump sum or increased weekly pension.