Asthma/COPD management in primary care: Cambridge Respiratory Innovations: N-Tidal personal respiratory monitor

The Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Oxford is delighted to present a pre-conference seminar to showcase and discuss a new healthcare technology innovation. The seminar will provide a platform for our visitor from the health technology industry to present their device to SW-SAPC delegates, a multidisciplinary group of healthcare researchers and members of the wider University community (conference registration is not required to attend this seminar – all welcome). This seminar is part of our MRC-funded Health Technology for Tomorrow seminar series.

The meetings will take the format of technology presentations followed by discussions amongst a panel of technology-appropriate specialists before wider discussions with all participants. Refreshments will be provided ahead of the seminar from 10:30 – 11:00.

The CRiL N-Tidal personal respiratory monitor has been designed to be used by patients, with the assistance of carers or HCPs where necessary, to assess current respiratory status through the analysis of normal tidal breathing without the requirement for forced expiration. The device generates breath-by-breath waveforms from recordings (on-board infra-red gas analysis) of expired CO2 and provides analysis of changes over time which can be associated with deterioration / exacerbation of the patient’s condition. Prognostic information provided by the device will help to inform timely and appropriate intervention.