GTC Medical Anthropology Film Group Special Event: Film screening and discussion with film maker Sal Anderson.

Sal Anderson presents her film: The Wounded Healer (Sal Anderson, 2017, 30’).

The documentary film ‘The Wounded Healer’ looks at the relationship between patient and psychiatrist focussing on the experience of Dr Ahmed Hankir, a psychiatrist with mental health experience.

‘Stigma is killing people’ Hankir says in his passionate crusade fighting for those with mental health issues. Through his personal journey in a life as both ‘the wounded’ and ‘the healer’ the film takes us into the subjective experience of ‘The Wounded Healer’ and Hankir’s moving campaign to fight stigma.

After working at the Natural History Museum in Paris, science-trained filmmaker Sal Anderson has followed a career producing and directing drama and documentary films. She is currently Reader in Interdisciplinary Science-Art Film at University of the Arts London.