Summer School on Humane Education – Increasing Sensitivity to Humans and Animals

Can education make people more humane?
Can empathy be taught?
Are humans “naturally” violent?
What is the role of humane societies in combatting cruelty?
How important is humane education to both animal protection and human protection?
How effective is the existing provision of humane education in schools, colleges, and universities worldwide?
Should public money fund humane education?
What is the rationale behind humane education?
Where are the leading centres of humane education, and who are the leading humane educators?
Does humane education expose the link between animal abuse and human violence?
Should animal ethics be part of humane education?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed at our 2019 Summer School. We invite educationalists, ethicists, historians, lawyers, criminologists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, social scientists, humane society representatives, and others from around the globe to participate and present. We aim to produce a pioneering book volume that breaks new ground.

Registration is now open: There are only limited places remaining, so early booking is advised.