What can opinion polls tell us about Europe in a changing world?

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Over the last four years, the Dahrendorf programme has participated in the design and analysis of a series of opinion polls, first intra-European, in partnership with the eupinions project of the Bertelsmann foundation, and more recently reversing the gaze to look at Europe from the viewpoint of a number of major extra-European powers, in partnership with the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). Reports on the polling results can be found at europeanmoments.com.
In this seminar, key intellectual collaborators in designing and analysing this opinion polling, Isabell Hoffmann of eupinions, and the political scientist Ivan Krastev, a board member of ECFR (and currently European Studies Centre Visiting Fellow at Oxford) join historian and report co-author Timothy Garton Ash to discuss the results. What are the advantages of polling evidence, and what the pitfalls? What can one learn from polling, and what should one not expect to learn? What, in fact, have we learned so far about a troubled Europe in a changing world?