How to protect your idea and when to ask for advice

Have you made a new discovery, developed a technique, a device, or want to learn what aspects of your research may have a commercial potential? Or you simply struggle with a common scientists’ dilemma: publish or patent? Join Innovation Forum Oxford on the10th of January at the JR Hospital for a two-part lecture:

The first on intellectual property delivered by Dr Philip Webber, a patent attorney from Dehns, to learn:

what is Intellectual property and why it is important for the success of your company how to determine whether your novel diagnostic device, computational algorithm, laboratory reagent or gene sequence is patentable in the first place how to successfully patent your idea

Followed by a duo of expert speakers: Nicola McConville (Partner at Pennington Manches) and Sue Staunton (Partner at James Cowper Kreston), who will highlight the importance of seeking legal advice at the early stage of a startup formation to avoid legal risk that may threaten the business before it has even started.