A personal journey through the information revolution by engineer and applied physicist Carver Mead

Pioneer of modern microelectronics Carver Mead (2022 Kyoto Prize Laureate in Advanced Technology) whose technological innovations form the foundations of modern very-large-scale integration chip design gives the Kyoto Prize at Oxford public lecture remotely.

Mead has made many of the most significant advances in microcircuitry in the Information Age, which are essential to the internet access and global cellular phone use that many people enjoy and take for granted every day. Mead proposed and promoted a new methodology to divide the increasingly complicated design process of VLSI systems into logic, circuit, and layout designs, and to separate them from the manufacturing process. This paved the way for electronic design automation that covered a text-based description of the system operation and the automatic generation of the layout required for chip manufacturing, leading to immense development of VLSI-based electronics and industry.

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