Journey towards Early Detection of Dementia with AI-supported Neuroimaging Workflow: Development and Productization

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Dementia is a growing concern worldwide as the population ages. Neuroimaging has shown promise in aiding the diagnosis of the disease and differentiating its aetiology, and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms has improved the neuroimaging workflow in terms of accuracy, reliability, and processing time. This seminar will explore VUNO Med® – DeepBrain®, an AI software that assists in dementia diagnosis by automatically analyzing brain structure atrophy and vascular diseases from T1 and T2-FLAIR MR images. We will use this software as an example of how the industry is productizing AI solutions to deal with the current limitations and issues in neuroimaging for dementia diagnosis. We will examine some of the main features, notable technical advancements, and research achievements made with the product. Finally, we will discuss the prospects for AI-supported neuroimaging towards early detection of dementia, which is crucial for the effective treatment and management of the disease, by sharing potential research topics and clinical demands. This seminar aims to bring together researchers, clinicians, and industry experts to facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer between these sectors.