What is Pre-eclampsia? Evolving concepts. (Prof Chris Redman, Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health.)

Prof Chris Redman has worked in Obstetric medicine and investigated the pathogenesis, detection, prevention and treatment of pre-eclampsia since 1970. He pioneered the concept of the role of a systemic inflammatory response both in normal pregnancy and the clinical stages of pre-eclampsia.

His second and separate research interest is in computerised analysis of electronic fetal heart rate recordings. He is the Clinical Director of the Oxford Centre for Fetal Monitoring Technologies. Together with the late Prof Dawes, he initiated a revolutionary programme to computerise the recognition of diagnostic features of electronic fetal heart rate traces before labour. A commercial instrument was developed and marketed by Oxford Medical in 1990 and is now sold worldwide by Huntleigh Medical. The Dawes-Redman CTG Analysis System represents one of the University’s most successful and long-standing clinical advances, and is widely recognised as the reference standard for the assessment of fetal health during pregnancy.