Stolen Works, Stolen Lives: Racial Erasure, Exclusion and Dispossession in Academic Publishing

Given the importance of publishing to the career trajectories and lives of academic researchers, comparatively little attention has been paid to racism in the context of academic publishing. This panel seminar foregrounds and explores the erasures, exclusions and dispossessions that researchers of colour, and women of colour in particular, can experience through their publishing lives. These experiences are situated in a broader historical context of erasure and dispossession against colonised subjects in Europe, North America and the Global South. The seminar explores the extent of the problem and the emotional effects of this form of racism at an individual and collective scale. It begins to examine the dynamics and processes involved, for example how the dispossession is often committed by researchers claiming allyship and the intersect between race and gender. Critically, it investigates the anti-racist practices that are needed to help transform universities, publishing houses and publishing communities. This is a virtual seminar, with a panel discussion followed by reflections and questions from the audience.

Dr Sneha Krishnan, University of Oxford

Prof Patricia Daley, University of Oxford
Dr James Esson, Loughborough University
Prof Patricia Kingori, University of Oxford
Dr Nayanika Mathur, University of Oxford
Dr Patricia Noxolo, Co-editor of Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers and University of Birmingham

The panel seminar has been organised by Dr Sneha Krishnan and Dr Richard Baxter, University of Oxford. It is sponsored by the Political Worlds Research Cluster, School of Geography and the Environment (SOGE), the University of Oxford’s BME Staff Network and the Social Sciences Division. Although the seminar is sponsored by SOGE and the Social Sciences, the theme is relevant to all disciplines.

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