Structural Basis for Centrifugal Regulation of the Olfactory Bulb ~individual labeling and correlated Laser and volume/high-voltage EM microscopies~

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Olfaction has been revealed as an attractive system in the brain by recent molecular biological and physiological studies using functional recording, which indicated elaborate mechanisms for processing olfactory information in the main olfactory bulb. Modern advanced technologies have enabled us to label bulbar neurons selectively, and even individually. Thus I can show how the rodent olfactory bulb is regulated centrifugally by serotonergic, cholinergic and noradrenergic projections, as well as intrinsically by estradiol with an enormous amount of findings collected from directly correlated laser scanning microscopy, digital wide-field volume electron microscopy, ultra-high voltage electron microscopy, and electron tomography. Current uncertainties and issues that need to be clarified in the future are also discussed.

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