Al Nashwa to Antarctica: An Unlikely Story about Sustainable Energy

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change

Al Nashwa is a sub district outside Basra, Iraq that houses a portion of the Majnoon Oil Field – one of the world’s largest oil fields on the planet in one of the hottest climates. Antarctica is the last untouched continent on Earth – where few have traveled and even fewer have explored due to its harsh conditions. What do these two places have in common? Robert Swan (OBE) is the world’s first person to walk unassisted to both the North and South Poles. Based on those experiences, Robert found 2041, which is an organization that is dedicated to preserving Antarctica by promoting recycling, renewable energy, and sustainability. Dr. Malek Al-Chalabi joined Robert on his latest expedition to Antarctica. Come learn about his recent expedition to Antarctica with 2041, the parallels it carries for the oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors, and what a future energy transition in the 21st century may look like.