Startups​ as career opportunity for scientists and students - lessons learned from Senorics

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Founding a startup is probably the ideal way of transferring scientific results and intellectual property from research into real life applications. A startup is founder driven, hence visionary and quick – in contrast to corporates. And at the same time it’s a perfect career option for scientists and students.
However, especially deep tech hardware startups are facing tremendous challenges. Ronny Timmreck, CEO and co-founder of Senorics (, founded 2017), talks about experiences, dos and don’ts when founding and leading a hardware startup and his learnings concerning tech development, financing and scaling. He will give an insight how Senorics’ vision of giving everyone the seventh sense – the sense for materials – can come true.
Senorics is a spin-off from the labs of Prof. Karl Leo at University of Technology Dresden, Germany. It has raised more than 10m€ venture capital to date and is commercializing a disruptive spectroscopy technology based on organic electronics.
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