Lymphoid tissue organizer cells

The central paradigm underlying lymphoid organ development predicts the existence of a dedicated mesenchymal lymphoid tissue organizer cell that integrates signals via LTbR, RANK and/or TNFR1/2 pathways from embryonic type 3 innate lymphoid cells or B cells. However, the lymphoid tissue organizer concept is currently undergoing a major revision based on our recent findings that both endothelial and mesenchymal cells contribute to the formation and structural organization of lymph nodes. In this seminar, I will present a fresh view on the lymph node organogenesis paradigm with inclusion of lymphatic endothelial organizer cells that determine the location and drive the initial steps of lymph node formation.
Burkhard Ludewig is currently acting as the head of the Medical Research Center and the Institute of Immunobiology at the Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Switzerland. His research interests are focused on the interaction of viruses with the innate and adaptive immune system. Furthermore, his laboratory has established transgenic mouse model for in vivo stromal cell targeting. He is affiliated with the Life Science Faculty of the University of Zürich.