TGU Talk: “Interleukin 22 regulates neutrophil recruitment and associates with treatment resistance to ustekinumab therapy in ulcerative colitis”

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Polychronis is a clinician-scientist specialising in gastroenterology. His clinical and research focus is on chronic inflammatory gastrointestinal conditions. During his PhD, Polychronis explored the role of interleukin 22 in inflammatory bowel disease and acute gastrointestinal graft versus host disease by utilising human organoids, transcriptomics and flow cytometry. Using the transcriptional modules regulated by canonical cytokines in human intestinal epithelial cells generated through this work he developed a molecular immunophenotyping tool with prognostic value in both ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Following on from this work, Polychronis is currently working on elucidating the mechanisms driving nonresponse to available biological therapies in IBD.

First Prize for Best Poster, Dr Falk Symposium, Oxford 2019, ‘IBD: From Pathophysiology to personalised medicine’, Scientific Committee: Prof Powrie, Prof Neurath, Prof Kaser Young Investigator Bursary Award for EASL 2019 Abstract of Distinction, BSG Conference 2018 Award for Best IBD poster, BSG Conference 2015 Shire Innovation Fund Award 2013 National Scholar Award, UEG, 2013