Developing your ideas: planning with room for opportunity

Possession of a ‘thunderbolt’ idea is not enough to guarantee success in research or business. Planning the practicalities and routes to an end ‘product’ (publications, further funding, marketable items) are a necessary step. Often this planning process brings opportunities and threats to light. This interactive course will use Kanban and the value proposition canvas. With your research project as a starting point, participants will develop their projects further.thinking about adding value at every step
Aims: To explore the use of tools from the world of the business to plan and develop your research project. These tools will help identify stakeholders, map out the possible impact of a project and identify possible road blocks.
Objectives: by the end of this session participants will have: * Explored different visual business planning methods * Mapped out their research project * Thought about those that their research affects and what affects their research * Used the value proposition canvas