Forest dynamics in a changing world

This will be a hybrid event with the option to attend in person or join online. If joining online, click on "View online event" in your booking confirmation email for the Zoom link and passcode.

OCTF seminar followed by Q&A – all welcome

Forest dynamics dictate the terrestrial carbon sink generated by the disequilibrium between biomass productivity and biomass loss via tree mortality. Whilst this disequilibrium has been caused directly and indirectly by human activity, global change itself may shift, at least temporarily, the balance between how much carbon forests can absorb and emit. In this talk, Adriane will explore the trajectory of forests, and the consequences of shifts in forest dynamics on the terrestrial carbon sink.

Adriane Esquivel Muelbert is a lecturer in Global Forest Ecology at the University of Birmingham and researcher at the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR). She investigates how forests respond to different global change forces and what the implications of these responses are on biodiversity and global biogeochemical cycles. Her work demonstrates how droughts shape diversity and composition across Amazonian tree communities and shows that Amazonian forests are changing as a result of the increase in water stress and atmospheric CO2. Adriane received her PhD in Ecology and Global Change at the University of Leeds in 2017. After her PhD studies Adriane has focused on tree mortality and how tree death varies across the Amazon (NERC TREMOR project led by Prof David Galbraith at the University of Leeds, UK) and globally (ERC TreeMort project led by Dr Thomas Pugh at the University of Birmingham, UK). Adriane has received both her MSc and BSc from Brazilian federal universities.