Healthcare Systems across Europe: Seeing the NHS in its Wider Context

Registration, tea and sandwiches from 6.15pm in the Stables Bar

The National Health Service is among Britain’s best-loved institutions, and is often described as ‘unique’. But how true is that? How does the NHS compare to other European systems?

This seminar will set the NHS in its wider context of health systems across Europe. It will describe how a shared commitment to universal health systems has emerged in different forms throughout Europe, and what remains distinctive about the British NHS. It will explore how shared values and challenges create the potential for learning and cooperation between European systems on topics ranging from cancer care to organ transplantation, from rare diseases to cross-border care – and why Europe is a better place to look for inspiration than the United States. And as the referendum approaches, it will explain the European Union’s changing role in health systems, and discuss what Brexit would mean for the NHS.