Pint of Science 2021: Hear or here?

External event sponsored by DPAG featuring DPAG researchers.

Here you will hear from Armin and Kerry who will discuss how our brains decipher between different stimuli in order to understand our surroundings and make decisions.

Hearing with your brain
Dr Kerry Walker (Associate Professor of Neuroscience) @K_M_M_Walker
All day, every day, your brain transforms the linear pressure wave reaching your eardrum into a rich inner world of complex auditory scenes. My research group investigates how nerve cells (neurons) in the brain make this happen. We measure the electrical and chemical reactions of neurons in the hearing centres of the brain, and use this information to decode how neurons represent the melody of a familiar tune, parts of speech sounds, or the location of sounds in space.

Risk vs Reward: How do we train our brains to make choices?
Dr Armin Lak (Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow) @ArminLak
Central to the organization of our behaviour is the ability to predict the values of outcomes to guide decision-making. Deciding between different scenarios is more than just weighing up their pros and cons, and requires combining their learned value with one’s sensory confidence. Using state-of-the-art imaging and behavioural techniques, we trained mice in a visual task that probes this combination to uncover how we use a reward-based system to influence our decision-making.


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