Day 2: HSMT Postgraduate Conference: The Ox-cars

The two-day conference plans to illuminate – in bright white spotlight, of course – the dazzling research of this year’s cohort. Bringing historical narratives to life in intricate detail, the conference spans four centuries and will discuss topics ranging from Scottish asylum patients’ use of expression in patient-produced magazines, through to counter cartography in late twentieth-century Chocó, Colombia. So, why indulge in a Hollywood Blockbuster when you have the most thought-provoking narratives right on your doorstep? We look forward to you helping us roll out the red carpet and erupting in applause. (Popcorn not provided!).

10:00-10:30 Registration and Tea/Coffee
10:30-10:40 Opening Monologue: Dr Catherine Jackson, ‘The Usual Suspects’ (Best Original Screenplay, 1995)
10:40-11:50 Session 5: Provider-Patient Power Dynamics, Doctor Dolittle (Special Visual Effects, 1968)
Judy Flannery Durkin, From “physical and mental wrecks” to baby killers: Dr Aleck Bourne and changing medical perceptions of pregnant patienthood in British abortion debates (c.1938-1968)
Lorelei Robinson, The development of UCSF School of Medicine’s queer health curricula and the emergence of LGBTQ+ population health
Pádraig Nolan, Sex change in British science and medicine before “transsexualism,” 1910-1966
Chair: Thea Ralph
11:50-12:00 Closing Monologue: Dr Sloan Mahone, ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ (Best Picture, 2022)

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