Belgian refugees between ‘war’ and ‘peace’: trauma, transition and repatriation

About the speaker:
Dr Hannah Ewence is a modern historian specialising in comparative minority studies, and the history of race, immigration and gender in fin de siècle, twentieth century and contemporary Britain. She completed a BA in History at the University of Southampton in 2005 before becoming affiliated with the Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/Non-Jewish Relations for my onward postgraduate studies at the university. She was awarded an AHRC-funded MA in Jewish Culture and History in 2007, and an AHRC-funded PhD in 2010. Before joining the University of Chester in 2012, Dr Ewence held parallel positions at the universities of Southampton and Portsmouth as a Visiting Lecturer in Modern History. In 2011/12, she was awarded a Rothschild Foundation Research Fellowship to conduct research into the suburbanisation of the Jewish and Afro-Caribbean communities in twentieth century Britain.