Expert Control Training Session

This training session will cover export licences in the context of university research. Export controls apply to research collaborations which involve sharing certain categories of equipment, data, software, or know how by any means (including by email and telephone) with partners based outside of the UK.
There is no automatic exemption for academics and researchers. Exporting controlled goods without a licence is a criminal offence. Acquiring an export licence is usually quick, easy and free. Researchers sometimes fail to apply for a licence because they didn’t know that they needed one. This session seeks to rectify that.

Richard Tauwhare is a former senior UK diplomat with over 40 years’ experience in international, EU and UK trade promotion and regulation. Formerly the Head of Export Control Policy Department in the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (2011-2014), Richard led on decisions on export licence applications and developing UK, EU and international export control and trade sanctions policy.

This session is aimed at PIs, researchers, research administrators / facilitators, and project managers.

10.30 -11.30 presentation
11.30 – 12.30 Question & answer session