Digital Communications: Being on Brand

A short talk about the refreshed University of Oxford brand guidelines. This presentation is for anyone who uses the University brand and would like to learn more about it. During the talk we will look at what updates have been made to the guidelines, new branded templates (in multiple formats), best practice when using the identity as well as touching upon social media guidance. Also, if and when the brand can be used by external partners. We will also give an update on using and contributing to the University Image library.
The University’s central design team who sit within the Public Affairs Department, is made up of 3 designers with (between them) over 40 years of experience working with the University brand. Head of Brand and Design, Paul Chinn and Creative Design Managers Laetitia Velia and Pippa Havenhand work on a variety of University assets from print, to digital, social assets and campaigns. They also provide guidance on design principles, brand usage and photography.