Debating Basic Income

Location: Large Lecture Room, Nuffield College
Time: 10:30 to 17:00 (a lunch at the College is included)

This workshop brings together leading political theorists of basic income to reflect on its rationale, defensibility and prospects in diverse countries.

The broader context is two-fold: the continuing commemoration of the work of Tony Atkinson at Nuffield College and the launch of the report of the International Panel of Social Progress (coordinated by Marc Fleurbaey, Princeton).

Open to all – please register.

Confirmed speakers:
Tania Burchardt (LSE)
Marc Fleurbaey (Princeton)
Louise Haagh (York)
Ed Miliband MP
Martin O’Neill (York)
Julie Rose (Dartmouth)
Peter Sloman (Cambridge)
Philippe Van Parijs (UCLouvain)
Stuart White (Oxford)
Mark Bryan (Sheffield)
Jonathan Wolff (Oxford)

Convenor: Cécile Laborde (Nuffield College)
Student organiser: Ho Yin Yuen (St Antony’s College)

For any inquiries, please email