WebLearn: Design and content
How to build on WebLearn experience to design pages and display dynamic content to support your teaching. This course focuses on the importance of design; screen design principles; designing and constructing WebLearn pages; and tools to display existing dynamic content within your WebLearn site. You need to have attended the WebLearn Fundamentals course, and/or used WebLearn for some time.
Date: 14 February 2018, 14:00 (Wednesday, 5th week, Hilary 2018)
Venue: 7-19 Banbury Road, 13 Banbury Road OX2 6NN
Speaker: Jill Fresen (University of Oxford)
Organising department: IT Services
Part of: WebLearn and Turnitin
Booking required?: Required
Booking url: https://oxford.imparando.com/accessplan/LMSPortal/UI/Page/Courses/book.aspx?courseid=TE008
Cost: 0
Audience: Members of the University only
Editor: Alun Edwards