TGU Seminar: Making a nutritional diagnosis in GI disease - revisiting nutritional risk

Dr Stephen Wootton is Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition within Medicine at the University of Southampton.

Dr Wootton joined the University in 1984, having graduated in nutrition at the University of London and completing a PhD on the influence of nutrition and exercise on skeletal muscle energy metabolism. He has been responsible for developing nutrition within the undergraduate medical curriculum and played a leading role in the design and delivery of the principal national educational initiatives to improve the safety and effectiveness of doctors in delivering nutritional care. In his programme of research, he was brought the basic science of nutrition into clinical care using stable isotope tracer methodologies to study how diet, lifestyle and disease influence our demands for energy and nutrients, and how the way in which nutrients, especially lipids, are handled in health and in infectious and inflammatory disease. His studies have involved close collaboration with clinical colleagues across many specialties and span across the lifecourse to include studies in neonates and malnourished infants, in children with IBD and Cystic Fibrosis, in pregnancy, and in adults with IBD, HIV, obesity and diabetes. Through his work, and expertise in the clinical application of isotopic tracer methodologies, Dr Wootton serves as an advisor to the ICGN and the IAEA.