Thalamocortical Interactions

2:00 PM – Introduction (Zoltán Molnár and Andy King)
2:05 “Introduction” Prof Ray Guillery, MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, Oxford
2:10 – “A View of Cortex from the Thalamus” Prof Murray Sherman Department of Neurobiology, The University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
3:15 – Tea/Coffee
3:45 – “Thalamocortical Interactions in Cognition: what’s the mediodorsal thalamus doing?” Anna S Mitchell, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford
4:15 – Mini Presentations with focus on transthalamic cortical communications
(3 slides and 5 minutes max + 5 minutes questions)
4:15 – Holly Bridge “Cross modal plasticity in the thalamus”
4:25 – Tim Vogels “Conceptual models of cortical function and development”
4:35 – Simon Butt and Jacqui Stacey “Does subplate have any role to play in thalamocortical development in somatosensory cortex?”
4:45 – Anna Hoerder Suabedissen, Louise Upton and Zoltán Molnár “Subplate/cortical layer 6b targets higher order thalamic nuclei”.
4:55 – Michael Lohse ”The role of corticothalamic modulation in auditory perception.”
5:05 – Sebastian Vásquez-López “Functional distribution of thalamocortical inputs to the mouse auditory cortex: a dual-colour calcium imaging study.”
5:15 – Tommas Ellender “Corticostriatal interactions.”