Thalamocortical Interactions
2:00 PM – Introduction (Zoltán Molnár and Andy King)
2:05 “Introduction” Prof Ray Guillery, MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, Oxford
2:10 – “A View of Cortex from the Thalamus” Prof Murray Sherman Department of Neurobiology, The University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
3:15 – Tea/Coffee
3:45 – “Thalamocortical Interactions in Cognition: what’s the mediodorsal thalamus doing?” Anna S Mitchell, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford
4:15 – Mini Presentations with focus on transthalamic cortical communications
(3 slides and 5 minutes max + 5 minutes questions)
4:15 – Holly Bridge “Cross modal plasticity in the thalamus”
4:25 – Tim Vogels “Conceptual models of cortical function and development”
4:35 – Simon Butt and Jacqui Stacey “Does subplate have any role to play in thalamocortical development in somatosensory cortex?”
4:45 – Anna Hoerder Suabedissen, Louise Upton and Zoltán Molnár “Subplate/cortical layer 6b targets higher order thalamic nuclei”.
4:55 – Michael Lohse ”The role of corticothalamic modulation in auditory perception.”
5:05 – Sebastian Vásquez-López “Functional distribution of thalamocortical inputs to the mouse auditory cortex: a dual-colour calcium imaging study.”
5:15 – Tommas Ellender “Corticostriatal interactions.”
Date: 4 May 2016, 14:00 (Wednesday, 2nd week, Trinity 2016)
Venue: Sherrington Building, off Parks Road OX1 3PT
Venue Details: Sherrington Library, DPAG
Speakers: Professor Andrew King (University of Oxford), Professor Zoltan Molnar (University of Oxford ), Dr Tim Vogels, Dr Holly Bridge (University of Oxford ), Professor Simon Butt (University of Oxford ), Miss Jacqui Stacey (University of Oxford ), Dr Anna Hoerder Suabedissen (University of Oxford), Dr Louise Upton (University of Oxford), Mr Michael Lohse (University of Oxford), Mr Sebastian Vásquez-López, Dr Tommas Ellender (University of Oxford)
Organising department: Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG)
Organisers: Professor Andrew King (University of Oxford), Professor Zoltan Molnar (DPAG, University of Oxford)
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Host: Professor Andrew King (University of Oxford)
Part of: Neuroscience Theme Guest Speakers (DPAG)
Topics: Neurosciences
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Audience: Members of the University only
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