Climate Policy and Climate Engineering: A Southern Hemisphere Perspective

As a climate analyst Penehuro Lefale has taken a keen interest in climate engineering techniques, both solar radiation management and greenhouse gas removal, as potential contributors to climate action under the Paris Agreement, and will talk about some current challenges and opportunities they present in the South Pacific Region, where he chiefly works.

Penehuro Lefale is Director and Climate Analyst for LeA International, which works from a base in New Zealand on climate and disaster risk management/reduction in the Asia Pacific region, and an affiliate of both Massey University and the University of the South Pacific. He advises a range of public and private bodies on climate policy in a number of Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

Anjali Viswamohanan is an energy policy enthusiast with an interest in forming and assessing energy transition scenarios as a response to the perpetually evolving technology mix. She is keen on developing frameworks around governance issues, specifically to advance the development of technology that deals with the mounting climate change-related concerns of the underdeveloped and developing world.

Anjali Viswamohanan is a Chevening scholar at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford.