To breathe ourselves into some other lungs

Join Breathe Oxford and Life of Breath in the upstairs room of the Oxford Retreat Pub for a poetry reading, focused on the relationship between poetry and breathing.


Poet Gregory Leadbetter and scientist and poet Sarah Watkinson will be reading from their own work, alongside award-winning travel writer Elsa Hammond (currently studying for a PhD in Romantic and Victorian poetry) and Kate Binnie, a writer and music therapist who often works with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients in palliative care. Kate will sing ‘First and Last Breath’, composed specially for the occasion.

Members of the audience are encouraged to bring along poems to read (of their own if they so wish), relevant to the theme of breathing.
The pub serves both drinks and food, so you won’t go thirsty or hungry!


The evening is part of an exciting new collaboration between Breathe Oxford and the Life of Breath.
Breathe Oxford is a group of neuroscientists who research how breathing and breathlessness is represented in the brain.
Life of Breath studies breathing and breathlessness from a medical humanities and philosophical point of view.