UCB NewMedicines™ Technology Platform Access Programme

Come along to this seminar to hear from UCB’s Win-Yan Chan (Research Scientist) and Ahmad Kamal (External Liaison, New Medicines, Discovery Biology).

Win-Yan will present a seminar and Q&A on UCB’s Technology Platform Access Program and this will feature Oxford Academic Professor Graham Ogg who is benefitting from using the platform.

Ahmad will present a seminar and Q&A on UCB’s proprietary bispecific antibody platform.

UCB’s Technology Platform Access Programme gives academics and other researchers a unique opportunity to discover and develop novel antibodies against potential therapeutic targets. UCB’s new automated antibody discovery platform is capable of rapidly generating, selecting, producing and evaluating new human antibody-based medicines for patients.

UCB’s state-of-the-art antibody discovery technologies, coupled to capabilities in high content flow cytometry and imaging are at the core of UCB’s proprietary and novel bispecific antibody platform. This unique format allows combinatorial screening and profiling of large numbers of bispecific antibody combinations, allowing identification of potentially novel therapeutic molecules and target combinations with unique and previously undescribed activity and function.

Win-Yan and Ahmad will be available after the seminar from 13:00 – 14:00 to talk more to researchers who’s work might have potential to benefit from the Technology Platform Access programme and bispecific antibody platform. Lunch will be provided from 13:00 in the Oriel Room adjacent to the Magdalen Conference Room.