Launch of the Ethics in AI seminar series
A discussion of ethical challenges posed by AI involving experts from fields across Oxford. Open to students & staff at the University.

Every day brings more examples of the ethical challenges posed by AI to fields ranging from medicine, technology and government. Some are fairly familiar (e.g. concerning privacy, information security, appropriate rules of automated behaviour) but many are quite new (e.g. concerning algorithmic bias, transparency, and wider impacts).

The Ethics in AI seminars are intended to explore these questions in a truly interdisciplinary way that brings together students and academics from around the University. Initially, a major aim will be to familiarise participants with the landscape of Oxford research, building links and encouraging new connections. Hence early seminars will cover a range of topics with a variety of speakers from different centres, and will, we hope, attract a wide audience from across the University. The seminar will be followed by refreshments in the Blackwell Hall from 5.30pm, to encourage cross-disciplinary conversation and collaboration.

Topics to be discussed at the first seminar will include:

The place of Ethics in AI (Tom Douglas and Carissa Veliz, Uehiro Centre, Faculty of Philosophy)
AI Ethics and legal regulation (Vicki Nash, Sandra Wachter and Brent Mittelstadt, Oxford Internet Institute)
Ethics of AI in healthcare (Gil McVean from the Big Data Institute and Jess Morley from the Oxford Internet Institute)
The seminar will be chaired by Peter Millican, Professor of Philosophy and host of the University’s Futuremakers podcast whose 2018-19 series focused on AI. It will begin with an introduction by Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, who is spearheading the early stage of the Institute for Ethics in AI.
Date: 11 November 2019, 16:00 (Monday, 5th week, Michaelmas 2019)
Venue: Weston Library, Broad Street OX1 3BG
Venue Details: Lecture Theatre
Speakers: Tom Douglas, Carissa Veliz, Vicki Nash, Sandra Wachter, Brent Mittelstadt, Gil McVean (Big Data Institute), Jess Morley (Oxford Internet Institute), Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt
Organiser: Oxford University Institute for Ethics in AI
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Audience: Members of the University only
Editor: Sadie Slater