Late-Medieval German Love-Songs. Introductory Talk for 'Inn Steter Hut' Concert with James Gilchrist & Linarol Consort

Change of venue and timing from St Edmund Hall to the Holywell Music Room due to high demand

Music editor and viol player David Hatcher, Professor of German Literature & Linguistics Henrike Lähnemann, and singer James Gilchrist in conversation, discussing music, literature and culture in early 16th century Germany. The pre-concert talk starts at 17:55 to 18:45 in the Holywell Music Room. Ticket holders are welcome for tea and cake in the Old Dining Hall at St Edmund Hall before the talk from 4:45-5:30pm.
Followed at 7:30pm by the Concert in the Hollywell Music Room with the Linarol Consort of viols and James Gilchrist (tenor); £5 for students, £20 for everybody else.