"Macroautophagy, alpha-synuclein, and dopamine neurotransmission" and "Dopamine timing and reinforcement. Relevance to dyskinesias in PD"

Ben Hunn (DPAG, Oxford)
“Macroautophagy, alpha-synuclein, and dopamine neurotransmission”

John Reynolds (University of Otago, New Zealand)
““Dopamine timing and reinforcement. Relevance to dyskinesias in PD?“”

Chair: Richard Wade-Martins (DPAG)

Join us for our meeting this term to explore dopamine function and its dysfunction in striatal circuits and in relation to aspects of Parkinson’s disease, with two talks chaired by Richard Wade-Martins. We are delighted to welcome Dr John Reynolds from NZ as an external speaker. John will resident be in Oxford on sabbatical for the next few months so do come along to meet him. Doors open 4pm for drinks/nibbles, and talks begin 4:30pm. Please come along and contribute your thoughts to lively discussions!

Dopamine Club brings researchers together from across the University to exchange ideas and perspectives on dopamine in an informal setting. Meetings are once a term and are chaired by different labs on a rotating basis. If there are particular speakers, topics or techniques you would like discussed, or you would like to chair a meeting or be more involved, then please get in touch.

Look forward to seeing you on June 13th.

Steph and Richard