Harms in Healthcare

Kellogg College with the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences will present a unique insight on the individual and institutional self-interests in research, combined with increased global competition that are currently leading to substantial harms in healthcare. In addition, a growing body of research on adverse drug reactions has uncovered that there is considerable room for improvement in the public understanding of this little known area. We will question whether medicine is broken – do patients and the public ever fully understand what doctors, academics and regulators have been permitted to do to them and ­what would their reaction be? How the media contribute to harms and the growing problem of overdiagnosis, creating patients from a healthy population. We’ll also discuss the impact of a £500 million deficit in the public purse from stockpiling the controversial flu drug Tamiflu.

This event is part of the University of Oxford’s Alumni Weekend programme. The event is open to all, including members of the public.