Writing, discovering and sharing science with F1000

Faculty of 1000 started out in 2002 as a recommendation service for articles in biology, but recently expanded its scope to provide tools to assist scientists in writing, discovering and sharing science. This talk will give a brief overview of two of these new developments, and welcomes your thoughts about open science and collaborative tools. The first change came in 2013, when F1000 launched F1000 Research as novel platform for research publication. It uses a post-publication peer review model to offer rapid publication of research articles with fully transparent peer review and open data. A major upcoming development for F1000 is the launch of a new authoring tool that covers all aspects of writing a research article; from literature discovery and reference management to sharing and annotating papers with collaborators. Among other features, the tool allows you to search PubMed from within word, share notes on digital articles with collaborators, and get article recommendations while you type your manuscript. Attendees of this talk will receive access to the private beta of the new tool before launch. NB. Eva Amsen will be in Oxford for the rest of the day and has organised an F1000 meetup in the Kings Arms that evening. If you are interested in talking with Eva, please use the following link to register (free) beforehand: blog.f1000.com/2015/01/29/f1000-oxford-meet-up-on-february-10