The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research: New Paradigms for Next Generation Energy Storage

The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) pursues high performance, inexpensive beyond lithium ion electricity storage that will transform transportation and the electricity grid. JCESR will leave three legacies: * a library of fundamental knowledge of the materials and phenomena of energy storage at the atomic and molecular level * two prototypes, one for the grid and one for transportation, that, when scaled to manufacturing will be able to deliver five times the energy density at one-fifth the cost * a new paradigm for battery R&D combining discovery science, battery design, research prototyping and manufacturing collaboration in a single highly interactive organization, that accelerates the pace of discovery and innovation and significantly shortens the time from conceptualization to commercialization.
An introduction to JCESR’s vision, mission and legacies will be followed by an overview of progress and outlook toward achieving our goals in the fundamental science of storage, research prototypes for next generation batteries and a new paradigm for battery R&D.