Simultaneous migration in the seed bank coalescent

The geometric seed bank model was introduced to describe the evolution of a population with active and dormant forms (`seeds’) on a structure Markovian in both directions of time, whose limiting objects posses the advantageous property of being moment duals of each other: The (biallelic) Fisher-Wright diffusion with seed bank component describing the frequency of a given type of alleles forward in time and a new coalescent structure named the seed bank coalescent describing the genealogy backwards in time.
In this talk more recent results on extensions of this model will be discussed, focusing on the seed bank model \emph{with simultaneous migration}: in addition to the \emph{spontaneous} migration modeled before, where individuals decided to migrate independently of each other, correlated migration where several individuals become dormant (or awake) simultaneously is included. In particular, we will discuss the effect of the correlation on the property of coming down from infinity.

This is joint work with J. Blath (TU Berlin), A. González Casanova (UNAM), and N. Kurt (TU Berlin).