Say Something Back: An event exploring feminist artistic research
Accounting for historical omissions is a tried and trusted method of feminist scholarship, lives and work are necessarily ‘fished out of obscurity’, as the poet and philosopher Denise Riley has put it. But when the traces from the past become thin on the ground, or a more intimate register is called for, what artistic strategies can be used to recover the histories and work of women’s creative contribution?

The afternoon will feature presentations from six artists, all of whom will foreground research processes that use re-creations, re-enactments or suggest a possibility of entering into dialogue with the past. This conjuring forth of unknown or unseen lives and practices, as a kind of seance or act of ventriloquism, extracts women’s voice from archives or texts, leading to the possibility of a recalibration of value.

More details:
Date: 28 February 2019, 17:00 (Thursday, 7th week, Hilary 2019)
Venue: T. S. Eliot Lecture Theatre
Speakers: Rebecca Fortnum (Royal College of Art), Marita Fraser, Juliette Blightman, Caroline Douglas, Sharon Boothroyd, Dr Chantal Faust (Royal College of Art)
Organising department: Merton College
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Booking required?: Not required
Cost: Free
Audience: Public
Editor: Simon Cope