'Disruptive oil and electricity futures'
Oil suppliers have more unsellable than unburnable oil: they are more at risk from competition than from climate regulation. Electricity suppliers too, face a swarm of disruptors that will transform their business beyond recognition. As these two vast industries merge and as insurgents in both challenge incumbents, almost everything we thought we knew about energy is ripe for rapid and profound change. In this lecture, physicist and innovator Amory Lovins will consider the changing face of the energy market.
Date: 6 June 2017, 17:00 (Tuesday, 7th week, Trinity 2017)
Venue: Oxford Martin School, 34 Broad Street OX1 3BD
Venue Details: Lecture Theatre
Speaker: Amory Lovins (Rocky Mountain Institute)
Organising department: Oxford Martin School
Organiser: Caroline Corke (University of Oxford, Oxford Martin School)
Organiser contact email address: events@oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk
Host: Oxford Martin School (University of Oxford)
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Cost: Free
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