TMCD & SBS Joint Workshop on "Innovation and Development"

Dear all,

Below is information about TMCD’s upcoming joint workshop with the Said Business School.

The Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) and Saïd Business School (SBS) present a joint workshop on research of economic growth, regional development and technological change among developing economies. This iteration of the workshop will feature speakers on a variety of topics ranging from mobile money for the poor, transfers in technology and urban policy and digital value chain upgrading in the creative film industry. All are welcome to attend these talks.

Date: Friday 1st March, 2019
Venue: Meeting Room The Cormack Seminar Room (SR1) at SBS, Park End Street
Time: 1:30pm-5:00pm


1. Dr. Garang Dut, Said Business School

“The ignored debate: How healthcare finance impacts innovation and the promise of mobile money for poor economies”

2. Dr Hui Yan, Oxford TMCD and Shanghai University, China

“Research on technology transfer mode and collaboration mechanism in the Chinese Yangzi Delta region”

3. Brandon Chye Zhi Hani, Oxford TMCD and Oxford Department of International Development

“Exporting Urban Expertise: Investigating the Dissemination and Execution of Singaporean Development Knowledge & Capital in Africa”

4. Anna Isabelle ‘Sai’ Villafuerte, Oxford TMCD and Oxford Department of International Development

“We wouldn’t be here without the Internet: the limits and capabilities of digital value chain upgrading in the Philippine independent film industry”