Data Analysis in Ecology: Statistics for Field Biologists and Ecologists

This tutor-led ecological statistics course provides a thorough introduction to the key statistical principles and methods used by ecologists and field biologists. It will appeal to a variety of practitioners in environmental science and management who want to improve their ability to display ecological data, and to use descriptive and inferential statistics to analyse the results from field surveys.

The course introduces students to the use of the following software: QED statistics and R. R is a free software environment for statistical computing, and can run on a wide variety of backgrounds; QED offers an easy to follow way of exploring a variety of statistical methods, with step-by-step calculations, and extensive built-in help. It is particularly useful for those with little prior mathematical knowledge. Please see below for IT Requirements.

As a part-time course taught online, Data Analysis in Ecology is ideal for professional ecological consultants, environmental managers and rangers, research and postgraduate students, and volunteers that are seeking flexible study combined with expert training. The course can be taken from anywhere in the world and is international in its use of case studies and examples. Past students on the Ecological Survey Techniques programme have joined us from the UK, the USA, Australia, Africa and Europe.

Data Analysis in Ecology aims to create a rich workshop experience by encouraging direct student and tutor interaction and discussion in an online setting.

This course can be taken with or without Masters-level credit; credit enables students to demonstrate their academic achievement and can count towards further postgraduate study. Students taking the course for credit submit an assessment of up to 2000 words or equivalent, students taking the course without credit will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion of the course.

The Ecological Survey Techniques Programme can help professionals to apply for Chartered Status (such as Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Ecologist), and to meet relevant professional competency thresholds. Further information can be found in our Chartered status and essential skills guide.

Data Analysis will require students to purchase the core text Fowler et al (1998) Practical Statistics for Field Biology.

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