The NHS at 70: where did it come from; how does it compare; and what is its future?

The National Health Service (NHS) of the UK is a totemic institution – much loved by the British public, and a model for elsewhere. But it faces fundamental challenges. Can it keep up with changes in medicine? Can it adapt to changing expectations of the public and of its own staff? And most fundamentally, can we afford to keep it?

In this seminar, we will look at how the NHS came into being, how it was originally managed and operated and the series of significant structural and policy changes that have shaped the modern NHS. We will compare this with other systems emerging elsewhere, especially in Europe, and ask what we can learn from them. And we will explore the central challenges the NHS faces for the future; can we keep the NHS for the next 70 years, too?

Certificates of attendance will be provided, for those that want one, on completion of an online feedback form made available shortly after the event.


18:00: Registration, tea and sandwiches in Stables Bar
18:30: Seminar in EP Abraham Lecture Theatre
20:15: Closes